Brittany Marie Walter

Daughter,Sister,and,Mother Heart of Gold!
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What Brittany was Like

She was a very loving caring affectionate person. Beautyful,Brittany loved her daughter.She was my everythin, my best friend.She suffered much pain.She touch many people's hearts.Her brothers and sister loved her dearly.

Fondest Memories of Brittany

My favorite memory of My Brittany was when her daughter was born and the look in her eyes when she first held her daughter and looked into her eyes was priceless. I knew she loved her immediately as I did when fIirst gave birth to her.

How Brittany will be Missed

Oh my goodness her laugh,her smile they way she could talk to me and look at me and my sadness away.We spent as lot of time together along we with her beautiful daughter. She was my rock as I was hers.

How Brittany will be remembered

With great love and light. She would want to be remembered for her love and affection.Her beautiful smile and laugh. And for Being Genuine to those who were Genuine to her.