Caitlin Sarah Maughan

Daughter, fiancée, sister, friend, sweetheart
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What Caitlin was Like

Caitlin had a huge heart, she would do anything for anyone. Sadly, she seemed to connect with people who were not as loyal as she was, it broke my heart. She had a dog Millie that was her life along with her fiancé Jamie.

Fondest Memories of Caitlin

Caitlin spent months collecting small bottles for her sister’s 21st birthday, she put a big glass together and was so proud of the gift. Her sister loved it! She spent so much time thinking about gifts for others. She gave me a necklace for Christmas one year, every time I wear it I think of her.

How Caitlin will be Missed

She was always there when anyone needed her, I knew I could call her to come when I needed her. She and Jamie never really found there place in the world, but they left a gaping hole in my world. She had the most beautiful smile, I have so many pictures, sadly that’s all I have left.

How Caitlin will be remembered

She loved animals and we did a memorial fund for her at a local no kill shelter. We were able to sponsor a kennel for a year, she would have loved that so much. I hope she and Jamie and Millie are all back together again in paradise.