Celia Leigh Helm

Beautiful, funny, generous, loving... partner
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What Celia was like

Celia and I were best friends, lovers,enemies, soul sisters, and we were family. We so dreamed of and planned for a future together. She however, was addicted to crack cocaine and later heroine. She died, 1 month and 10 days after her 49th birthday.

Fondest memories of Celia

I came ahead from Pensacola, Fl (where we met,) to start work in Nashville, her hometown. We rented the most beautiful cottage on the cliff above the Cumberland River in East Nashville. The home had this long beautiful driveway and I will never forget watching her come up that drive in her Papa's truck, loaded with my stuff to start the rest of our life together. I had candlelight thru the house and her favorite flowers. So in love. She was the happiest she would ever be that day.

How Celia will be missed

Her Wilma Flintstone laugh. Her voice, smell, touch, hair...phone calls in the middle of the night...Her love.

How Celia will be remembered

She would want to inspire and help people and wanted to be a drug counselor. Her potato salad was perfection. She loved being a CeCe to our grandchildren. She loved our dogs and was the best Mama EVER! She loved her family and close friends with her whole heart and soul....Without addiction, Celia could have been the mayor of any coastal town in the US. She was a stranger to no one.