Christopher Paul Caiola

Beloved Nephew Christopher Caiola
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What Christopher was like

Christopher was the most kindhearted gentle soul, who put others first. Christopher was loyal and loving to those he loved and was trustworthy.He had character and integrity.He was so smart that he figured out the stock market and became a day trader.

Fondest memories of Christopher

There are many great memories of Christopher. My favorite memory of Christopher occured when he was young. I took him on a trip to the arcades in Elizabeth, NJ. He enjoyed every single moment playing all of the games and even learned to play pool.

How Christopher will be missed

Chris was not just my nephew. He was someone with whom I could talk to about anything and know I was never being judged. He accepted and loved me, no matter what. I trusted with my secrets and my struggles. I will miss his smile and humor and hearing about his dreams. I will miss hearing him say, "Hey Aunt Mary".But most of all, I will miss having one of the kindest, most giving and loving people I've known in my life!

How Christopher will be remembered

Not as a "drug addict", because a disease does not define a person, any more than it does a person who has struggled with Cancer. Christopher will be remembered for the beautiful person he was and the lives he touched. He was a fighter of this disease, but also a victim and casualty to the opioid epidemic. This epidemic continues to steal the precious lives of our loved ones. We all must stand together to fight this common enemy until there are NO MORE innocent victims! I miss and love you!