Christopher Waldron

Christopher James Waldron

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Christopher was a sweet, compassionate soul loving all who came into his life. He was passionate about human rights and all were equal in his eyes. He loved music, playing his guitar and had an amazing sense of humor. His greatest wish was for people to understand those struggling with the disease of addiction and for there to be equality for all who need healthcare, regardless of income.

Chris started using drugs at an early age, graduating from marijuana to opiates, synthetics and crack. . He tried many, many times to stop and had started attending NA meetings a few weeks before he died. He truly believed he would beat this disease some day. He wanted to finish college and take care of his children. He was young, though, and felt invincible so gave in one last time. He didn't want to die, but his luck ran out.

He never sugar-coated his struggle with drugs and I won't either. This is a nasty disease and we need to do more. He would want us to talk about it.. rage against it.. fight for access to affordable treatment. Stop stigmatizing addiction so people suffer alone and die. Push back against unethical pharmaceutical companies and over-prescribing doctors and most importantly educate.

Please let there be no more Christophers.