Cody Shaw Fahm

Son, Grandson, God Father, Nephew, Big heart
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What Cody was like

Cody was my baby boy. The biggest son of my three boys. Cody’s passion and career was custom millwork. He had hands just like me, but big. He could build the most beautiful things! He loved family, fishing, and cooking!

Fondest memories of Cody

There are so many things I loved about him! Cody had a big personality. He always wanted to make people laugh. His smile could light up any room! Cody had a big heart! He would help anytime you needed help!

How Cody will be missed

I miss everything about him! His big hugs, the I love you Ma, those big lips, and big brown eyes!

How Cody will be remembered

I want Cody to be remembered for who he really was! Cody was a sweet, kind hearted, loving human being! He was my son who I love with all my heart!