Cody Martinez

Kind, compassionate, Golden soul
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What Cody was like

He was someone that felt he never had a place in this world. He would always say he would never be more than a season in anyone's life. But despite that he gave everything to anyone that needed help. He was compassionate, and wise beyond his years

Fondest memories of Cody

Our first date. We didn't plan on doing anything we actually were trying to get away from my ex at the moment and came up on a bowling alley with an arcade. We spent the next 3-4 hours in the arcade and completely forgot about the world around us. I had never laughed more than I did that night. And we spent our tickets on stickers, bubblegum, and walked into a love I will never share nor feel eve again. He changed my entire life.

How Cody will be missed

The way he would call me just to talk about whatever was on his mind. He told me he hoped he never lost the ability to hear the sound of my voice.

How Cody will be remembered

As a child of God. He would want to be remembered for his heart of gold even though he was never able to see how much he actually meant in this world.