Cory Michael Watson

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What Cory was like

My brother cory was the most genuine yet misunderstood soul I was so lucky to grow up being protected by. He had a heart of gold and a soul of fire. There isn’t a day where my heart feels okay without him here with us. We are broken forever.

Fondest memories of Cory

Too many favorite memories, I miss most hearing him laugh and making goofy jokes everyday. His personality was so pure and unique, little did he know that he deserved the universe and more. He inspired me to stop caring what people think, just to be myself and live by that unapologetically. He had no idea what an inspiration he was to me my whole life. He saved my life as a baby and again 13 years later, and still does today even on the other side. The only reason I kept going was for him.

How Cory will be missed

I miss his hugs, his smile and beautiful eyes. I remember the heartache and pain just looking at him. I wish i could have showed him how special he was to my family and I. I miss him doing dumb crazy things just to get a laugh out of me, and I miss him threatening every person he knew wasn’t needed in my life. He was always right, and he always knew what was best for me. I miss the protection he gave me, the security, the love. I miss our cries together and I miss our laughs. I miss him more.

How Cory will be remembered

Remember him as the stud he was. The ladies man, but also with a heart of the purest gold. The person who would never hesitate to go out of his was for the people he loved. Never was a force to be reckoned with. My Cory, you were and always will be the light of my life and my inspiration to stay sober. I know you were in pain, much pain. All we want is for you to be okay today. Please continue to watch over my soon to be son, as I know he would be so utterly loved by you. I love you.