Emonte (M-Tre) Edward Burton

Son, Brother, & Friend To Many
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What Emonte (M-Tre) was like

Emonte (Better known as M-Tre), was one of the most beautiful and happy people I've ever had the honor of being a friend to. Monte is my late husband's little brother.

Fondest memories of Emonte (M-Tre)

Ohh geeze, my favorite memories with Emonte would probably take me a little longer than a lifetime to try and type all of them and be an be a several hour long read for anyone reading this. Even if we would stumble upon a rough day for whatever reason. In would come Monte, rapping and dancing. Surely to bring you a laugh just with the light he brought to every and any situation. He could do the inevitable and turn that worst days into the best times for everyone who knew him!

How Emonte (M-Tre) will be missed

We miss Monte's random burst into a freestyle. That he was never afraid of doing, no matter who was around & no matter the occasion. I miss hearing him saying, in his voice, "Damnnn Sis, it's like that?" I miss him being so protective over me and my kids. Never allowing the ladies in his life to ever go out of the house alone. I miss the big, bright smile on his face. The way he was sure to give them big ole bear hugs every single time before we'd go. I just miss him so much!

How Emonte (M-Tre) will be remembered

I'm not 100% sure how Monte would have wanted to be remembered. But I can say for sure he'd be upset if he ever thought he was the reason his loved ones were sad and not dancing our hearts away in honor of his memory.