Garrett Miranda

Son, Brother, Grandson, Musician
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What Garrett was Like

Garrett was a beautiful soul. He loved animals, music, dirt bike riding, and fishing. Garrett was an old soul. He loved the holidays. He enjoyed going to the pumpkin patch and the Christmas tree lot each year.

Fondest Memories of Garrett

My favorite memory of Garrett was always I had always asked Garrett if he would let me dance with him at his wedding because he didn't like to dance. For some reason, a couple of weeks before he passed I asked him for one spin in the living room and he obliged me. I pushed and asked for another, but he said "that's enough mom." I told him at that moment my heart was full.

How Garrett will be Missed

His presence. The family was important to him and he loved to spend time with us. I will also miss him as my restaurant buddy. He loved eating out and I could always count on his adventurous palate to try something new.

How Garrett will be remembered

Garrett would like to be remembered as kind, loving, and musically gifted. He would also love to be remembered as a wonderful fisherman.