Glen Hank Strong

Brother ,son, friend,loved,kind.
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What Glen was like

Hank was I've of a kind, a honest living human who always cared about his friends and family. Hank was very loyal, devoted, hard working, hard Loving. We are going to miss one of the earth angels.

Fondest memories of Glen

I remember when Hank came to me to ask to help start his own landscaping business. He saved his money to aquire his needed equipment for his own business. He worked hard long hours and done a fabulous job at every job he done. We all was so proud of him. To over come his disability the way he did was a miracle in itself. With live missed and kisses from loved ones We will all love and miss you. Please donate to his parents so we may lay Hank to rest properly.

How Glen will be missed

I'm going to miss his laugh, his smile, his loyalty, miss his live and kindness. Please help with his expenses. His parents are not financially able to bury him proudly. Is your are a friend of any kind even a few dollars will help.

How Glen will be remembered

Hank wants to be remembered as a living, kind, strong man. Hank beat all the odds against him living many times. Hank loved his friends and family from his soul