J Sheldon Hughes

First Love
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What J was Like

He was one of most exceptional men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. When you were in his circle, and he loved you, that man would do absolutely ANYTHING for you. He was intelligent, funny, witty, caring and authentic.

Fondest Memories of J

There are far too many to count. I would say our first date, at Villa Banca. We both got all dressed up. He ordered “smashing taters” and I died laughing. In his family that’s what they called them his whole life and he had NO clue they were actually called mashed potatoes. We were 17 at the time.

How J will be Missed

His laugh. This stupid, LOUD noise he would make when they’re was an awkward silence. The way he cared so deeply for the people he loved. The random texts or phone calls of him saying hi and reminding me if I ever need him, he would be there for me in a minute.

How J will be remembered

For his legacy. He touched so many people in his short life. He left behind a son, and I see so much of his dad in him. It’s such a wonderful reminder he is always here.