James Robert Muir

Always helping someone
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What James was like

James was so intelligent. He was 'quick on his feet', which, in turn, made him funny. He was a writer. Some of the things he wrote are incredible, poems, and stories that will make you laugh, maybe weep your heart out, or give food for thought.

Fondest memories of James

There are so many, I just can't choose a favorite. When I saw him interacting with, and loving his children, when we went to concerts together, when he was in dire pain, but wanted to walk me through the park to visit my favorite tree; every memory is a precious one.

How James will be missed

James'retention was almost photographic. I miss him all times, but especially when I want to ask him something. I knew he'd rem. or know. Now, I must resort to google. It's almost unbearable watching football without him. He knew the game so well, and taught me so much. My son was an incredibly kind and caring man.
He was such a great storyteller, animated and demonstrative. He should still be here writing, and telling his stories. But, alas...

How James will be remembered

I think James would like to be remembered as someone who made a difference to a person/persons on his journey.
So very many have told me how grateful they were for his help at some time or other. I think that's just the legacy he wanted to leave. That, and that he loved his children, his family, and his friends.