Jason Senior

All Around Great Guy
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What Jason was like

Jason was always passionate about food. It lit up his world, which is why he pursued culinary school, He was the ultimate big brother always looking out for and protecting me.

Fondest memories of Jason

Our cross country road trip to California, staying at rundown hotels, experiencing all of the hidden gems across the US and the Americana that lurks around every dirt road and wrong turn for the first time together. Jamming out to Jason's favorite music, stopping at Area 51 and exploring the museum seeing all of the cheesy aliens.

How Jason will be missed

His laugh. It filled up the whole room. It was so pure and joyous.

How Jason will be remembered

As a loving brother and friend to many people across the country that he came into contact with. He always kept up those relationships throughout his life. His kind nature and easy going personality. His search for the things that brought him joy like mountain biking and cooking.