Jeremiah Fernandez Sr

Husband, Father, Loved his. Family
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What Jeremiah was Like

Jeremiah was a good man, father , partner in life... He just became a father that February! Our daughter was 9 and our son was only 8 weeks old when he passed. He will always be missed & loved! R.I.P.

Fondest Memories of Jeremiah

Him playing with our daughters make up doll. And him seeing his son for the first time! All the water battles in the house... He was fun to be around .

How Jeremiah will be Missed

Everything... His laughter, his love for his family, He fought so hard to staying clean, but he had a huge monkey on his back that overcame him, sadly it wasn't H that killed him it was rat poisoning!He is deeply missed by us all that loved him deeply!

How Jeremiah will be remembered

Jeremiah, was a loving caring man, who fought to be a family man, he is deeply missed by Me, and his kids! And his Family!