Jody Lynn Yaple

Mother,Daughter,Sister,loved,never forgotten.
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What Jody was like

Beautiful,kind,intelligent Jody wanted the best for everyone. She loved her family,especially her children. She tried to find lasting recovery but stigma and shame would throw up roadblocks. I deeply regret that I didn't know then what I know now.

Fondest memories of Jody

How much she desired connection with her family and how much she wanted to do better, be better, for her children. Her generous kind spirit, her strength.

How Jody will be missed

I am going to miss seeing Jody in longterm recovery and all she would have become. Things are starting to shift around Harm Reduction and people can survive and live better lives if we open our minds and hearts. I'm going to miss getting to know her better and bonding with her and developing a closer relationship based on all I've learned on my journey of educating myself and advocacy/support for people who use drugs, those in recovery and anyone impacted by Substance Use Disorder.

How Jody will be remembered

First and foremost as a loving, concerned Mom... also as a person who cared about others and was compassionate, who was truly sorry for any harm she may have caused anyone and as a person who believed in and loved God. She would want people to educate themselves so they could understand the disease that she struggled with and ultimately took her life and they could then KNOW that it wasn't because she didn't try hard enough, didn't care enough, didn't love them enough, it was the disease.