John “Jack” Dyer McDonough

Son, Brother, Giver & Outdoor Enthusiast
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What John “Jack” was like

My only child, Jack, was the love of my life. He was a dedicated friend to many and could make me laugh even during the darkest of times. He was a hunter and fisherman; and an old soul who could carry on a conversation or debate with adults at a young age.

Fondest memories of John “Jack”

Kayaking up north and discussing his past & future. It’s a memory I hold close to my heart as we were able to be open and honest. Just the two of us on the lake, no distractions or influence from others.

How John “Jack” will be missed

I will miss Jack’s sense of humor, love and wit. And, his unique and forward-thinking ideas.

How John “Jack” will be remembered

I believe Jack would like to be remembered as a loyal son and friend. He helped many in need or crisis while placing his own needs aside.