John Richard Page

Brother, Son, Uncle, mechanic, artist
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What John was Like

John was my little brother, he was so smart, so intune and could fix just about anything... Except his heroin addiction. I will forever miss being able to call my brother, hug him.... My kids will always miss uncle John and my mom is 💔 broken

Fondest Memories of John

John loved camping in Lincoln, NH. We'd go way up to the national forest campgrounds... He would provide everything and he always made us feel safe... This is where he was happy, free and at peace

How John will be Missed

I will miss his sense of humor, his laugh.... I'll miss the feeling of pride I had for him when he'd swoop in and fix the unfixable.

How John will be remembered

John would like to be rembered for his talents, his strengths, his sense of humor, his awesome shoe collection and for his ability to draw in a such a way that made him even more specail.