Jon Austin Cheatham

Courageous, Honest, Believer, Handsome and Irreplaceable.

What Jon was like

Austin was determined, strong, handsome, stubborn and a strong believer. He stood by anyone or anything he felt strongly about. He was eager to make a life that had meaning. He loved hard. He was selfless and willing to do whatever for our family.

Fondest memories of Jon

Austin struggled with a lot of demons on daily basis. I watched him learn patience & be a father to my daughter, I watched him change from someone who had past mistakes defining them to someone who had fought to get limitless opportunities. He got his dream job. He got his biggest catch aired on a news station along with his picture. He got to watch his son being born. He always wanted to make his Mom&Grandparents proud&he did. Witnessing him achieve all this was something I’ll always remember.

How Jon will be missed

His love. Once you got to understand him for everything he was. It just all clicked. He would go to war for the ones he loved. Fishing just isn’t the same without him. He was the fisherman for sure and he enjoyed it. He was my safe place that feeling of home. I never not one day doubted he loved me. He brought that drive out in me. He saw all I could be and wanted it for me. He was my soul mate and I will miss everything about him and us. Austin is irreplaceable in all of his loved ones life’s.

How Jon will be remembered

I want him remembered for who he was, what he lived for. The good days. The times he was there for you. The times he made you laugh. The times he cried with you. The short time he fought with determination to make something of himself. I want Austin remembered for who he was on the inside.. No one is a saint we’re all sinners. He is no different. His death shall not be in vain. He was a son, grandson brother, cousin, nephew, husband, father. He was ours and he was someone worthy someone special.