Joseph Adam Geary

Son, Brother, Uncle, Grandson,Nephew
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What Joseph was like

Adam passed on June 2, 2022. Fentanyl took our special boy! He was struggling with getting sober and had done so more than once! He was so strong, he loved everyone and never lost his endurance! He had an amazing smile, And such a huge heart!

Fondest memories of Joseph

My favorite memory is the last memory I have of him. He was texting me and his final message exclaimed how much he appreciated me and that he would fight to the death for me, He said "thank you Aunt Liz, for always having my back and being loyal, I hope you know I love you and I would fight to my death for you"! I said "I hope you know I do too, and I definitely would too"! Five days later he was gone..

How Joseph will be missed

His willingness to keep going even when he wasn't well! His passion for family and especially for his Papaw, who is my dad! I will miss his bouncy personality, his laugh though is what Ill miss the most ALWAYS!

How Joseph will be remembered

AS SOMEONE who loved the world and only ever wanted love in return! He just needed to be HOME! HE is in heaven I have no doubt and the main PERSON he loved IS GOD! He would want his friends to always remember the happy times and to not be sad. He would also want to help kick fentanyl off the streets. He would want to have a second chance because he believed in giving second chances. He'd want his Mamaw Bonnie and Papaw Harold to always remember the love and enormous respect he has for them