Justin David Harkins

My middle son.
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What Justin was like

Justin was a sweet,kind,loving person. He would anything he could to help others. He was a hard worker and worked every day that he could, sometimes 7days a week. He was a carpenter. He loved to fish,play guitar and scratch lottery tickets.

Fondest memories of Justin

My favorite memory is when Justin went fishing and found a amythest crystal at the lake and he couldn't wait to bring it to me because I am a rock hound and he knowed I was going to love it. Also going on a trip to the smokey mountains with all 3 of my son's. Going fishing with him and his brothers. Him joking around and making me laugh.

How Justin will be missed

His smile, his joking around and making me laugh. His hugs and telling me that he loved me.

How Justin will be remembered

As the hardworking,kind,loving and giving person he was. I don't know if he was aware how special he was to do many.