Katherine "Kat" Shelton

A kid trying to figure it out
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What Katherine was like

Kat was one of those people it felt good to be around her, She had a spark that could light you up and make you feel special. She had a contagious laugh that could bring you back into the light. She gave great hugs.

Fondest memories of Katherine

Barreling down a hill on her bike, realizing she was ok and deciding it was fun.

Her & her sister coming back from doing something together-- the light, the laughter, the closeness.

Threatening to wait to open her Christmas presents until her birthday.

Watching her laugh with friends & family.

Making a snow angel, face down.

Walking in the door with a kitten, giggling because she knew she shouldn't and just couldn't help herself
Seeing how proud she was of herself to make fire from two sticks.

How Katherine will be missed

We miss her giggle as well as her full-body laugh. We miss her wit and her humor. We miss her talking about the future and the things she wanted to do, and the things she could only hint at wanting to do because her dreams were so big they scared her. We miss her hugs and her sweetness. Her driving too fast and her loud music. Her scrolling through her phone and cuddling the pets. We miss her sass and her tears and the arguments when she was mad. We miss it all.
We miss our Kat.
Our Katie.

How Katherine will be remembered

She'd want us to remember her as someone who helped other people feel better. So many of her friends have told us that she helped them, or saved their lives, or was one of the only true friends they'd ever had.

She'd want to be remembered as an animal lover and beach lover.

She'd want to be remembered for her big heart and as a great friend and sister.

She'd want to be remembered as someone with an amazing sense of humor, an impeccable sense of style and a kick-ass taste in music. Also, a great driver.

She'd want to be remembered.