Keaton Michael Sullivan

Son, Brother, Bestfriend, Funny, Loyal, Loving
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What Keaton was like

Keaton Michael was an amazing person. He was sober and had straightened his life up. He was definitely turning into the young man we all wanted him to be. He was our ray of sunshine even on the cloudiest of days! We love you to “Infinity and Beyond”

Fondest memories of Keaton

When Keaton was only a year old he would jump off the coffee table or anything around, while screaming that he loved me to Infinity and Beyond.

How Keaton will be missed

I will miss Keaton being around to sing and bust a move to cheer me up.

How Keaton will be remembered

Keaton would want all of us to keep our heads up, stay sober, and live life and every day like it’s our last. He would want us to remember him and live on, never forgetting all the amazing times we spent with him. Remembering that he loved each of us.