Kerri Elizabeth Fernley

Daughter, sister, beautiful, courageous, empathetic,
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What Kerri was like

Kerri was a beautiful, energetic loving young woman. She was my best friend. She had a smile that lit up a room & would do anything for those around her. She loved to read & was a gifted writer. She wanted to raise awareness of SUD & help others.

Fondest memories of Kerri

There are so many memories that I can't pick just one! There's the time she thought she discovered a new band that turned out to be Bon Jovi or the time her dad brought home an abandoned kitten. I told her once when she was mad that you catch more bees with honey. She responded that a fly swatter worked better. Finally one time she was so mad at me & she called me on mother's day to tell me I was her mom and she'd always love me - no matter what.

How Kerri will be missed

I will miss her sense of humor and just talking to her for hour upon hour regardless of the time. She knew me better than I know myself and I will miss the amazing bond and connection we had.

How Kerri will be remembered

Kerri wrote an essay on her senior year of high school and in it said she wanted to be remembered as the girl who was always willing to help anyone find the same meaning in their own life as she found in hers, the girl who always had a good time, no matter what situation she was in & the girl who found her way to the top without the pressures of society influencing how she got there.