Kyle Spencer Humphrey

Son, Brother, Father, Caring, Loving
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What Kyle was Like

Incredibly special. Warm, smart, caring. Never had an unkind word toward anyone. Loved animals and his family. Wanted so badly to not be an addict.

Fondest Memories of Kyle

He was I. First grade. I had dropped him off at school and he walked by the lost and found. He stopped, took off his jacket and threw it in. When I asked him why he did that he told me it was going to end up there anyway. It made me laugh. Kyle made people laugh.

How Kyle will be Missed

A hug. His voice. His advice, he always had great advice. His laughter, sense of humor. And all the little anecdotes he knew about.

How Kyle will be remembered

As caring and loving. One who fought his addiction with all he had.