Kyle Andrew Negus

Husband. Brilliant. Kind. Animal Lover.
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What Kyle was like

Kyle had the most soulful eyes I have ever seen. One look at him and my heart melted, as though he could stare into my existence. He was my souls recognition of its counterpart in another. His brilliance was mesmerizing, as was his love of animals.

Fondest memories of Kyle

The moment he said those three little words I long to hear so much. I love you. I knew we were meant to be together and I saw such a beautiful future for us. He painted a picture of us back in California with children, coming home from some Silicon Valley gala, to greet the sitter and kiss our children goodnight after they had already fallen asleep and we would enjoy a glass of wine overlooking the ocean. I hold that future so close to my heart, though I know it won’t ever happen.

How Kyle will be missed

His quirks. He would only ever allow himself to be his true self around me. He sang songs while cleaning toilets… about cleaning the toilet. It was so endearing and hysterical. But he never did that in front of anyone else. He had such a huge heart and he loved with all of it. Unconditionally. I will miss his laugh. I will miss seeing him when I wake up. I will miss cooking dinner for him and I will miss having my hair played with after the dishes were done. Most of all I will miss his voice…

How Kyle will be remembered

He wouldn’t. He always told me he knew he would die before he turned 30. And he died a month and a half before. It always bothered me that he said that. But it happened. He was a tortured soul but found happiness with our dogs and our home. He wanted children but we never had the chance. So our dogs were our children. He was a California boy through and through with a mind like a diamond who had a heart of gold. As long as he knows he was loved that’s enough for him. And he was. So loved.