Matthew David Loudon

Son, Brother, Compassionate, Great Friend
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What Matthew was Like

Matthew was the light of our lives. He had a smile that lit up a room. Matthew suffered from severe anxiety and depression and the only way he knew how to control it was with drugs. He tried to get help, it was just never enough.

Fondest Memories of Matthew

We had a tradition that Matthew and his sister would spend the night the night before Thanksgiving. it started when he was 5 and continued until we lost him. It was my favorite night of the year, spending time with him.

How Matthew will be Missed

I will miss seeing Matthew on the ice, playing or coaching ice hockey... Hockey was the one thing that allowed Matthew to feel at peace; he LOVED to be on the ice.

How Matthew will be remembered

As a great friend, who always put others before himself. So generous with his time and his friendship.