Melissa Lynn Gaboury

Beautiful, hilarious, generous, loving, special
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What Melissa was like

Melissa loved animals and had an old soul. A beautiful disaster for sure but in the best way.She loved being out in nature and spending time with those she loved. I have never laughed so hard with another human being in my life and never will again.

Fondest memories of Melissa

Anytime we were together we were laughing. She had the most beautiful smile. She hated it ofc. I just miss laughing until I cry and not remembering what started us laughing to begin with. Totally sober too. Locked up. I will love you until forever, angel girl.

How Melissa will be missed

The world just feels so empty without her. No matter how long we spent apart we went right back to being us the minute we set eyes on one another. Even if we weren't talking it gave me comfort to know that she was out there. She gave me a comfort that she never even knew.

How Melissa will be remembered

Melissa would want to be remembered as a fighter. As going out swinging, or dancing, or singing. She wouldn't want us to be sad. She would want to see her sister and baby bro smile again. She would want us to do something. Use it. Make it count for something. That's what I'm doing for her.