Mia Gabrielle Childress

Beautiful, loving daughter
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What Mia was like

Mia would light up a room with her infectious smile. Her love had no bounds. She put others first and always made sure you knew you were special. She loved her family so much! Mia was a gifted writer, photographer, actress and was working towards her RN degree

Fondest memories of Mia

When Mia was born I was a teenage Mom. When she entered this world nothing else mattered. I had finally experienced pure love. During her C-section delivery (she was breech) she reached out and grabbed the docs stethoscope. She wanted in this world. Lol. When the nurses came by they said she was the most beautiful baby they had ever seen. Mia was such a light and so loved by so many. And she gave the best hugs. Long hugs, like she didn’t want to let you go. Now we wish we didn’t need to. And we could have one more.

How Mia will be missed

There is so much we will miss about our beautiful girl. Her gorgeous smile, her long hugs,hearing her voice, waiting for her visits, her pep talks with her siblings, watching her play with her nephews/young cousins, our long talks and endless love. Mia was too fragile for this world. She left us much too soon and her future was so bright. A piece of our heart went with her and we look forward to seeing her again. May Mia finally have peace resting in Gods loving arms. We love you so much, our beautiful angel.

How Mia will be remembered

Mia was a beautiful, smart, loving, old soul. Her love had no bounds. She was a light in this world and truly loved by so many. She gave her heart to love her family & friends so much. She tried to be strong for a long time but was overpowered. Mia’s mission was to help other girls like her & her cousin fight addiction that took both of our precious girls. Too many beautiful souls gone. Let us continue to fight this battle in Mia’s name. Until we meet again our beautiful girl. Mama loves you! ❤️