Michael Lee Stacy

Father, son, brother, friend,
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What Michael was like

He was the smartest person I knew. He could take one look at something and figure out how to fix it. He was a father of 3 young children who loved him no matter what his faults were, and I know the old him would’ve loved them with all of his heart.

Fondest memories of Michael

Our wedding day, the way he looked at me when he first saw me, his jaw dropped in awe. He was so nervous to stand in front of the crowd of people, we both were. Smashing cake in his face when feeding each other the first piece, but the only thing he could get me with was ranch dressing on his plate, even though I tried to run. And of course the birth of our 3 amazing, beautiful children. Those memories will forever be etched in my memory.

How Michael will be missed

The way he’d laugh when playing with our kids. Watching them and hearing them play was music to my ears. In those moments you could see how much he loved them. Without the drugs, he would’ve been an amazing dad and an amazing husband. He had so much love in his heart, and would sacrifice to help a perfect stranger anytime he could.

How Michael will be remembered

For the man he was before the drugs. He was a hard worker who took pride in his work. He was a proud father who loved his children and family with all of his heart. Sadly, sometimes all the love in the world for your children isn’t enough to break the cycle of drug addiction. It’s making a choice to love yourself, and to forgive yourself, but when we carry so much shame and guilt we just prolong the cycle. Change starts with mental health!