Michael Tyrone Tully (Jr.)

The best father, brother, son, uncle, great friend
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What Michael was Like

Radiant. Uplifting. Pure heart. You could not be down around him! A give the shirt off his back type of guy who would do anything for anyone, especially his family. All the kids adored him-that Unlce & friend everyone wanted to be around. Adoring dad

Fondest Memories of Michael

Too many! Nights as children he’d come sleep with me, even tho I was older he made me feel safe when I was scared. Countless fun family times- playing with the kids, being goofy. Car rides with music blaring & bad singing, his first concert seeing Linkin Park, watching him become a dad, watching him become an Unlce, his joy on my wedding day, his 18th birthday, times when him & I, our mom & brother were all together, watching him & my husband act like big kids, walks with the kids,

How Michael will be Missed

His laughter!!!
Our talks, All the family time with the kids that he always added so much life & joy to. His precious smile-

How Michael will be remembered

As a great loving father who’s only daughter was his #1! As the fun uncle- who’d do anything for his nieces & nephews. As an adoring son, who’s mom meant the world to him. As the best brother in the world! A hard working man who always wanted to do better- who was selfless & put the needs of others before his own. As a family man-that included his friends, family was everything!