Nicholas Lee Renshaw

Daddy, Son, Bigger than Life
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What Nicholas was Like

"Life isn't day by day. Life is moment by moment"
Nicholas Renshaw
A wonderful father. Driven, determined, patient with his kids and passionate about absolutely everything. He loved his family, & they love him. Nick is missed so very much. RIP baby

Fondest Memories of Nicholas

Our first "date"
Cline Falls
The birth of our son and him sleeping with that teeny tiny boy on his big tattooed chest and looking so at peace
Christmas mornings when its still dark outside.
That toy hauler

How Nicholas will be Missed

His fighting haha. His dancing. That he took so many pictures and videos. That he brought me flowers and let people be themselves. That whether I was right or wrong he always supported me. How much he loved our children. His Mama. That he ALWAYS took time to make that phone call to his friends and family. To send that card. Those that he cared about knew exactly how he felt.
I used to say
"The only thing Nick ever half tried in life was his sobriety. Everything else was 600%. Everything."

How Nicholas will be remembered

Nick would like to be remembered as a good father. Being a Daddy was his purpose. I believe with all my heart that he watches out for our children. Helps me ease the void that. Ot having him left us all with. He was so passionate about every endeavor. This world is less without him and more because of him.