Patrick Dylan Bannan

Brother, Son, Friend, Prince of Fun, aka PtrickUno
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What Patrick was like

My brother had the sweetest disposition of anyone I have ever known - kind, patient, empathetic, compassionate, generous, and very sentimental. He loved to make people laugh and positively impacted a lot of people all over the world.

Fondest memories of Patrick

I am 15 year's older than him and I took him on a road trip with me when he was seven to visit Montana for a few weeks. Anyone who knows my brother, knows he loved to tell funny stories and make people laugh. He made me laugh so many times on that long road trip with his funny stories. I have so many fantastic memories of the two of us from that special trip - river rafting, camping, and horse back riding. I also remember how much he loved to entertain people through music and dancing.

How Patrick will be missed

Definitely his hugs! He was famous for them. Both my mom and I, and many others, will miss his gentle spirit, laughter, and how he always knew just the right thing to say to lift our spirits up. What the world will miss most is Patrick's kindness. He loved to help and support people in realizing their full potential and dreams. Patrick often would go out of his way to help people when they were struggling, whether it was with his money, time, artistic talent, or other resources.

How Patrick will be remembered

I think he would like to be remembered as someone who was authentic, lived life fully, and on his own terms. He made his life a great adventure filled with amazing memories and friends who loved him dearly. He lived by his values and encouraged others to live by theirs. He was known as the Prince of Fun and would like to be remembered that way. Keep laughing, dancing, creating, and celebrating. He would also encourage people to keep being kind to one another, lift each other up, and hug lots.