Peter Anders Fillerup

Son, brother, father, cherished
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What Peter was like

He had a very big personality and very big emotions to match. He was strong willed and so very intelligent. He was my beautiful boy.

Fondest memories of Peter

I love remembering Peter holding his baby boy and seeing the look of unconditional love in his eyes. It is said you would see Peter with a diaper bag in one hand and a copy of War and Peace in the other. Seeing his beautiful smile and hearing his infectious laugh was a gift. Taking pride in his cooking and sending me photos. Sharing his trials as well as the good parts of his life.

How Peter will be missed

He will be missed every second of everyday. He shared so much with all of us, that his absence has left a hole in our lives.

How Peter will be remembered

A loving father and integral part of our family. He was an amazing welder, but did a beautiful job at anything he put effort into. His love of Russian literature and quoting Dostoevsky. His kindness and generosity toward anyone and everyone, whenever possible.