Rachel Elizabeth Silva

Beautiful, charismatic, beloved daughter
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What Rachel was Like

Rachel was beautiful, charming, funny and full of life. She lived life to the fullest. She is missed by all who knew her and I am blessed God gave her to me for 24 years.

Fondest Memories of Rachel

My favorite memory was watching her determination as a little girl as she learned to ride her bicycle without training wheels. She would prop that bike on the tree out back, get on her bike as the tree balanced it, and take off. She would go a few feet and fall over. I watched from my kitchen window while she did this over and over for a good two hours until she at last mastered it. She has that kind of determination in all she did.

How Rachel will be Missed

Her singing off key like nobody was listening. Her and her sister laughing together. Her beautiful eyes that held so much wonder. Her enjoying and loving her nephew. She always said he was probably the only human she loved more than she loved herself.

How Rachel will be remembered

She would want people to remember how she would light up a room the second she walked in. She was always happy and fun to be around. She was honest and sincere.