Robert (Robby) Zair-Hanks

Sunshine, hugger, warmth, love, fearless
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What Robert was like

Radiated warmth & love. Gave giant hugs. Would hug anyone, anywhere, any time. Huge smile that lit up his whole face. Fearless. Had a way of reflecting back the beauty he saw in others. Loved music. An artist and a poet. Was like sunshine. Beautiful

Fondest memories of Robert

So many good memories. He was always up for an adventure, so many great memories adventuring with him and the family. He was just so openly loving. Hugged so tight and smiled so bright. My favorite memory of him when he was little, he always had his whole bed full of stuffed animals and he would hug them and sing to them. So sweet. He seemed to retain that childlike ability to enjoy life. He was unique and wasn't bothered by the opinions of others. And just the way he made people feel so loved

How Robert will be missed

His hugs. His smile. The way he loved. The conversations we had. The laughter, just laughing about all kinds of stupid things with him. Hearing "I love you Ma" Him sharing songs he loved with me and having conversations about what they meant to him and conversations about the musicians, writers, and poets that touched his soul. The way he wasn't afraid to share his feelings. The way he saw people, like really saw them, and loved them. The sunshine he brought. Just always with the warmth and love

How Robert will be remembered

I think people will remember the way he made them feel because of the beauty he saw in them and the way he loved them