Ryan Lee Wisdom

Much loved son and brother
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What Ryan was like

Ryan was a big smile and huge heart that loved everyone and everyone loved. So many people were touched by this sweet person that struggled his entire adult life with addiction, missing out on so many life moments. He was very talented; a musician, an artist, and an electrician- a jack of all trades. Always there with a smile and a hug, never afraid to tell someone he would help them or that he loved them.

Fondest memories of Ryan

A few weeks before he overdosed, he came to see me on my birthday. He stood with his arms around me, looking at the pictures on my refrigerator of him and his sister and Dad (he also had passed). I told him that I needed more pictures of him, he was always gone. He just hugged me and told me he loved me, as he always did.

How Ryan will be missed

His sweet smile, his hugs, his willingness to do anything to help me if he could.

How Ryan will be remembered

I think he would want to be remembered as a kind, fun loving, genuine person that would help others.