Shane Michael Kruger

Son, Brother, Pure Hearted
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What Shane was Like

The smartest, kindest person you could ever know. Full of great potential, yet suffered greatly with lack of self-esteem.

Fondest Memories of Shane

My favorite memory of Shane, watching him SK8 board and nail every trick. Seeing him Graduate HS in 2011,
1 year ahead of his class due to his grades (GPA).

How Shane will be Missed

I will miss most, Shane's laughter & great smile, my history lessons he would teach me on a nightly basis watching "Jeopardy", and simply his presense !

How Shane will be remembered

Helping Others In Need. Shane had much empathy for the homeless and gave his very last $dollar and cents to a homeless man standing at our local gas station (2) weeks prior to him passing away.
Shane said to the homeless man; Hey man, this will help you more than it will help me...this is my last dollar to my name. I wish I had more to give you but maybe you can get a drink or something !