Skyler “Sky” Ketchum

Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Cherished Granddaughter. Forever 23. 🖤
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What Skyler “Sky” was like

My sister was one of a kind. She was loving, smart, funny, and so much more. She took no bullshit from anyone. She loved animals, and would have gone far in the beauty industry. She was beautiful inside and out. We miss you Sissy.

Fondest memories of Skyler “Sky”

One of my favorite memories with my sister was just being with her. From chillin in bed watching our shows to avoiding our parents at every gathering just so we can be together. All of my memories with her are my favorite.

How Skyler “Sky” will be missed

I miss being able to call her. I miss watching her with my son, her nephew, she loved him beyond words. I miss her laugh. I miss talking shit with her and I miss her talking shit to me. I miss how blunt she was. I miss her stories. I miss every single thing about her of every second of every single day.

How Skyler “Sky” will be remembered

We will keep Sky’s name alive by continuing the Shatterproof walk every year, by always talking about her and keeping her presence alive. We remember her by celebrating her life and her name. We will always keep Skyler’s name alive in every way possible. LLS 🖤💜