Terry Alexander Fritz

Cherished Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend
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What Terry was like

Terry was an amazing young man, his friends called him “Everyone’s Best Friend”. Terry was loyal, loving, humorous and had a smile that lit up my world. Terry gave the best hugs and shared his heart with everyone he knew. He is greatly missed.

Fondest memories of Terry

Terry was born , raised and died in Wisconsin. By all rights he should have been a Green Bay Packer fan, but in true Terry style his favorite football team was the Pittsburgh Steelers. Terry loved the Milwaukee Brewers, NASCAR and hockey. He was an athlete he played soccer, football, baseball and frisbee golf. He was an avid bowler and loved video games. My favorite memories of him were watching him play but I lived to see him build Lego creations with his brothers.

How Terry will be missed

Terry started his life as my second child and grew up to be my favorite middle son. Terry was my son, my confidant and my friend. He was hard working and fun. I miss his beautiful blue eyes and big heart. He and I had a very sarcastic routine we practiced everyday, he was 6’5” of love and loyalty.

How Terry will be remembered

Terry was humble and honest. He took pride in being a little brother, a big brother and a friend. He had just become an uncle and that was his favorite role in life.