Thomas E Davis

Dreamer, Ambitious, Comic, Friend, and Confident
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What Thomas was Like

Thom was ambitious, outgoing, and always trying to keep up. Thom always wanted to be the center of attention & life of the party. When you were around Thom he always had something unique to discuss. He was a big teddy bear with a servant's heart.

Fondest Memories of Thomas

On a family vacation, Thom was dared to eat a Japanese spicy pepper. Thom would never pass up a dare and ate the pepper. His reaction was one of both pain and pride. We miss running around together laughing and taking cruises with him. We danced, ate, sang and laughed more during vacations with Thom than ever before! He was always a great road trip partner who came with a playlist that made the trip.

How Thomas will be Missed

We miss our time together talking about whatever random fact of the day he was on. It could have been a new song, car, or girl. We miss his infectious laugh, big hugs, and carefree spirit. We miss being able to talk to him about anything that was on our mind and not being judged. He always knew exactly what to say to get under your skin or make you laugh after a bad day. He was always great making everyone smile.

How Thomas will be remembered

Thom would like to be remembered as a great guy with a huge heart and always down for anything. He’d like us to smile and think of him but not let it consume us that he’s not physically here because he gives us signs. We will remember him as a big teddy bear who had big dreams and a big appetite, full of silly stories and a deep sincerity that’s hard to find.