Thomas Bubba Gardner

Loving, Kind Son/Brother/Friend
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What Thomas was Like

Thomas was certainly one of a kind. Every time you would see him, people they would light up and give him a huge hug.

If you talk to his close friends/family about the time they laughed the hardest, you can bet that Thomas was there.

How Thomas will be Missed

His laugh, his smile, his never-ending arsenal of funny one-liners, his hugs, his toughness and strength, his protection of family and friends, his knack for always knowing the weather. And SO SO much more.

We'll miss being able to all be in the room with you and the positive energy you always carried through life even though we couldn't see your pain.

How Thomas will be remembered

Thomas would want to be remembered by the love he shared with his family and friends, the memories of him with his favorite people, and his many great accomplishments in his short time.

We will remember his time in our world fondly, but he is not gone. He is with us every day in our smiles, our laughs, and our stories of him