Tiffany L Lash

The Keeper of Childhood Memories
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What Tiffany was like

Tiffany struggled with alcoholism for many years. Though she was in a constant struggle with the disease, her passion did not dwindle and her sober times made us extremely proud of her fight.

Fondest memories of Tiffany

Her organizing her sisters and cousins to put on shows for us. She remembered everything about her childhood and was known for her love of all things Disney.

How Tiffany will be missed

She was a fighter, and she fought alcoholism and we witnessed her take the disease head on and even overcame it time and time again. She continued to fight in what became an unbeatable battle that eventually took her short life at age 34. We find comfort in knowing she is no longer struggling and is at peace, but know this fight continues for so many. However, we miss the "hope" for her to win the battle as that is no longer an option.

How Tiffany will be remembered

Tiffany loved dancing, softball, cheerleading, swimming and water. She loved the warm sand cool waves in Nags head and Ocean City where she had countless memories with her sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.