Wesley Joseph Metcalfe

Son, brother, husband,father
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What Wesley was like

Wes was generous, an incredible sense of humor, an entrepreneur, he loved God, his family and wanted to help others with addiction. His goal was to open a rehab that offered free services to the addicted. He would have been successful at that just as he had with his businesses. He was very sensitive and had a heart of gold.

Fondest memories of Wesley

There are so many but one that stands out in my mind was he hired a companion for me and she had five children that never had celebrated Christmas because they had no money. He asked me to get their Christmas lists and my caregiver said okay but just get one gift on their lists. So I got the lists and he got every single gift they asked for, wrapped them and delivered them. Those children were so excited and surprised. That was him, helping who ever needed it. He was incredible to his family. Always wanting to get together and buying the kids everything. He had so much love. He was a gift.

How Wesley will be missed

His sense of humor, how he made everyone feel so special and his love for his family and especially me, his Mom. He took care of me and always had time to talk to me and listen intently to whatever I was saying. He loved me so much and was always thanking me for raising him with such good morals and unconditional love. He gave the best hugs. I miss his crooked smile, his incurable laugh, his hands and his presence. Everyone knew when he was present.

How Wesley will be remembered

He would want us to know he was free from suffering and for us to take care of his children and tell them about him. He wouldn’t want us to sad but that is impossible. His absence is stifling.