Zayne Brendon Balmer

Son, Brother, Father, Loved
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What Zayne was like

Zayne has a almost 3yr old little girl. He was wrapped around her finger from minute 1. He has 2 little brothers and baby sister that he would have given the world to if he could. His family means everything to him. He had so much love to give.

Fondest memories of Zayne

I have so many. Everytime he played with his baby sister and brother. Watching him take care of his tiny newborn baby. Taking forever to pick a movie to watch before bed. He always scared me and thought it was hilarious, but when I scared him he would pout. He helped me rescue a mom and her baby ducks off of a highway one morning and had baby ducks in his shirt until we could get something to put them in. My absolute favorite is probably when he would skateboard with our daughter, she loved it

How Zayne will be missed

Everything. Hearing his voice tell me he loves me. Giving me forehead kisses. Using his “dad voice” to get our daughters attention/to listen. Hearing his laugh when he antagonizes his brother and sister. Him falling asleep with snacks in bed. Hearing him complain that calling him Brendon wasn’t “cute” and he didn’t like it, but when I didn’t call him Brendon he knew I was mad at him. But he would do anything to make me smile.

How Zayne will be remembered

As a dad, who loves his little girl more than anyone in this world. As a brother who would do anything for his siblings. As a son who always wanted to help his mom. As a boyfriend who admitted his wrongs, apologized, and did what he could to make me smile again. He would want to be remembered as a man who had so much love to give his family but also didn’t take shit from anyone. He would defend who he loved until he was blue in the face. He was a loving, loyal, funny, man with a beautiful soul