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Christopher Alan Warren

Age 56
Loving son, warm heart
Age 56

My son was a wonderful person gifted with the ability to meet anyone, talk to anyone. He had a zest for life and liked to tease friends and family. When he wasn’t suffering from a bout of depression and anxiety, coupled with binging on drugs he tried to help others going to AA by giving them rides to mtgs, some work for those getting out of rehab. He was a special person who love me, his mother, and his sons deeply.

My favorite memory of Chris was his big smile and hugs and always telling me I was the greatest Mom.

His hugs and his smile.

As loving his family dearly.

Jason Dobosenski

Age 36
Father, son, brother, friend to all.
Age 36

The biggest supporter to everyone he loved.

Krisstina Lee-Ann Granger

Age 48
Auntie, My Little sister, momma
Age 48

She was a giant pain in my butt! A pretty good sister, a great aunt! A mom, a good friend. A lot crazy!! But if you were one of her people she loved you with her whole ❤️

I miss her little voice saying my name, her smile, mostly I miss My Little sister

She would want to be remember as a great hearted woman, a loyal person, a great Aunt and sister. And loved by her children.

Madison Paige Adamczyk

Age 24
Best Mother ,Daughter , Sister ,Granddaughter
Age 24

She had the most beautiful smile n biggest heart. She would always put others before herself. Everyone who met her loved her. She was an loving n kind , generous n selfless., brave n courageous,, fearless soul.

I miss everything about her. EVERYTHING. .She was my best friend. i miss her every minute of every day.

Aubri Dawson Welsh

Age 35
Beautiful loving daughter sister and mother
Age 35

Aubri shone as bright as the sun. Her smile lit up a room and she could make friends with anyone anywhere. She had a heart og gold and was alwsys willingntomhelp someone even during her darkest times. Everyone was instanrtly drawn to her magnetic personalilty. She was my sun moon and stars

Watching the steeler football games with her


As the loving compassionate beautified person shevwas

John Everett Stappen Sr.

Age 39
Son / brother/ dad / uncle
Age 39

Hard worker loved sports fishing

Kissing me on my head

Everything he was so much fun . Great dad

As a great dad / brother /son / uncle

Bryan Scott Jones

Age 32
My son
Age 32

My best friend

Our heart to heart talks

As a person who always tried his best

Elaine. ( Lanie) Michelle Blue ( Hart)

Age 42
Daughter, mother, grandma,loved always
Age 42

Lanie was beautiful,kind, loving,she was also tormented. She tried so many times to get sober.she loved her family especially her children and grandchildren. We miss her every day.

She was funny. When she was about 12, she told us that she couldn't do dishes because if she locked her knees, would faint.. we laughed.

Everything! She would be gone for a long time and then I would come home from work and there she would be. I still hope someday she'll just show up.

As a good person.

Blake Anthony Jackson

Age 23
Son, brother, dad, grandson, friend
Age 23

He was not only my son but my friend he was a beautiful young man with a contagious smile and full of humor! He loved to talk about God with people and would have been a great salesman lol he is and always will be loved and missed by so many

Every memory I have is my favorite


Joseph Anthony Malinowski

Age 38
Son, Brother, a kind soul.
Age 38

The family peacemaker, loved by friends and people that met him.

A wonderful son, great brother and Uncle, memorable friend that will never be forgotten..

Michael Thomas Matousek

Age 41
Brother, father, son💙 heart of a hippie
Age 41

My BIG brother was my favorite! I loved him with my whole heart, my whole life! Deep, kind, gentle spirit, relentless to his core yet always a little “off the beaten path”. He made struggling look easy, and problems seem NON-Negotiable. My BiG bRo💔

Saturday morning cartoons and cereal in our neon Tupperware bowls….. flashlight alley tag and catching lightening bugs. Him sleeping on my bedroom floor while
I was afraid of the dark.
——-watching him become a father & then be a daddy!
- the phone call* which resulted in my pregnant self moving in with Him and taken care of 💜 him always being THERE, silent and in the background, yet alert, and aware. I LOVE you Michael!

His laugh, -knowledge, -determined work ethic, & His ‘roll with the punches, don’t bitch too much, attitude’! His teasing,⤵️ my whining🫣LOL
Evening tv on couch
Balloon ware fare and alllll the school AMs

Full of life with a hippie heart and a music filled soul! Flying high in the sky, with a joint in one hand, tossing a hacky sack in the other!

CJ Adams Jr.

Age 22
Son, Grandson, Brother, Friend
Age 22

CJ was a kind soul that loved his family. He loved to make music and loved animals, especially his cat Pumpkin.

His excitement when he made a new song.

We will miss everything about him and will think of him and love him always.

Cj made a mistake that cost him his life but that wasn't who he was. He would want to be remembered for the kind person he was and a great musician.

Allison Lynette Workman

Age 20
Kind loved everyone loved animals
Age 20

Allison was a very kind person she loved everyone and everything.she liked spending time with her friends taking pictures and spending time with her cat forest

One time we went out to eat to get a pizza when the pizza came she took a piece of pizza out and slapped me in the face with it.i was shocked but we laughed and I chased her around .

I miss holding her hand.i miss her voice and just her presence around me I could be having a bad day and being able to talk to her on the phone or when she was here she always made me happy

Kind to everyone no matter what she loved her friends she loved to laugh she will never be forgotten

Robert “Rob” McKee

Age 40
Son, always in our hearts
Age 40

He was very unique, rough around the edges, he did not always have it easy, but he had a heart of gold.

I had bought him a very nice coat for his birthday, he had wanted it for a long time, I believe he was in his 20’s. His birthday is September 28, 1982. In December, he was Christmas shopping, and saw a homeless veteran begging for money. My son took him to get something to eat. Gave him what ever money he had, a blanket that was in his car, and gave him that coat…that is a heart of gold.

His laugh, his presence in this world.

As a person that did things his way. He learned through his life, not to take any crap from anyone. He was 6’ 5”. Had a huge presence when he walked into a room.. But he was also known for being mischievous, and loved to laugh and made others laugh. He also loved giving people the middle finger, especially if he liked you.

Abigail Leann Rowe

Age 22
Daughter,Sister,Aunt, Free Spirited
Age 22

My Abbie was a beautiful, brown eyed fun loving, free spirited wild child. She could light up a room when she walked in. She could make you smile when you're feeling blue.

Our 2020 Myrtle Beach Trip. She had the most fun being with family.

Her hugs, laugh, smile, big giving heart. Her waking me up at 5:30 A.M. to say move over Mama so I can take a nap in your big comfy bed. But most of all I will miss these word: Mama, I love you

As a good friend, having a big generous, caring & loving heart. Loving person who always helped others even when she was struggling herself.

Jeremy Thomas Dwyer

Age 29
Son,Father Heart of Gold
Age 29

Very compassionate,
Would help anyone who needed help. Loved his family mom dad siblings, his son and his dog

Jeremy saw an elderly man across the street struggling to carry his packages. He ran across and carried the man's packages to his home about a mile away. He did so every week until his own death more than 6 yrs later.

His presence

Loving, kind and helpful