Kathy D

SP Admin

My story starts with being the daughter of an alcoholic father. Did everything wrong, but I didn't know it at the time.  Grew up with perfectionism and controlling issues.  Married a man who only drank to be the life of the party.  I didn't like it, but he drank at social gatherings to feel secure.  He wasn't an alcoholic. We had two sons, one of whom grew up to be an alcoholic beginning in college. We enabled like crazy because we thought we had to fix every mess he got into. We were his parents. He went on to marry, have four children, had money, house, etc., and ended up losing it all. 

Five years ago I joined Al-Anon.  Our son was in his 5th rehab, divorced, no money. He came back to live with us and is still with us. He is trying to get his feet back on the ground but has slipped many times. He still manages to get back on the right track. I love him unconditionally.

Al-anon has save my life and given me the tools to deal with this disease.  My life is about me today, and I find the support I need through my Al-Anon program and support from its members. This disease of addiction is everywhere and unless we address the problem as a society, so many more will die and families will grieve.