National Addiction Treatment Quality Committee (NATQC)

In keeping with the organization’s vison to act as a convener of key experts across sectors, Shatterproof has launched a national advisory committee for ATLAS® (Addiction Treatment Locator Assessment and Standards platform) and the addiction treatment field at large.


The National Addiction Treatment Quality Committee (NATQC) is a diverse group of industry experts convened by Shatterproof, representing federal and state agencies, addiction treatment providers, health systems, consumer advocacy groups, academic institutions, and healthcare payers and purchasers. Members lend their expertise to help Shatterproof develop and evolve ATLAS as it expands to become a key national resource for identifying quality addiction treatment.

NATQC builds on the existing efforts of state-based ATLAS advisory committees and the Shatterproof Substance Use Disorder Treatment Task Force. Committee members meet at least three times per year to provide input in key areas based on subject matter expertise.


In addition, members may participate in workgroups focused on four key areas:

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Claims-Based Measures

Provides feedback and recommendations related to including health plan claims-based measures as a key data source. Participants share information related to the impact/potential impact of the measures on providers, such as how best to ensure “apples-to-apples” comparison and where risk adjustment may be necessary.

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Provider Data and Quality Reporting

Provides feedback on the provider reporting process, professional portals and alignment with existing quality measurement and reporting efforts.

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Telehealth and Telemedicine

Examines how well existing quality measures are structured to align with what is currently happening in the telemedicine space, how telemedicine can help address access issues within the treatment system, and how to add telehealth providers to ATLAS in an equitable way.

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Patient Journey

Provides feedback on the patient journey through ATLAS, offers suggestions on how to streamline, additional functionality to build into the search and facility profiles, and suggestions related to the patient experience feedback section of ATLAS.

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