Whether you’re hosting your own Shatterproof fundraiser or participating in one of our events, you’re helping families devastated by addiction.

Getting the word out is the backbone to building your team, raising funds, and letting the world know that, together, we can shatter the stigma of addiction.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to drive attendees to your event:

1. Start by developing your authentic story

Moving people to take action—whether to give, join your team, or attend your event—requires a personal investment in the messages you send. Start by writing a short story about your journey, who it is you’re honoring or celebrating, and what it means to you for others to join along. 

Pro Tip: If you’re not comfortable writing a story, try making a short video with your phone. Your video doesn’t need to be a Hollywood production. The important thing is to demonstrate your passion and motivation for doing the event. 

2. Communicate through your favorite tools

The most effective promotional media include: email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, postal mail, and good old-fashioned, face-to-face meetings. Whichever you choose, keep your messages short and heartfelt. 

Pro Tip: If you’re not comfortable using social media, connect with friends, family, and co-workers in-person, by phone, email, or through text. Again, the key is to utilize the tools that work best for you and are proven to grab attention.

3. Share regular updates/postings (because everyone is busy and may not notice right away)

Power Fundraising - Share Regular Posts

Promote your fundraiser 2-3 times per week through social media and once a week by email. This increases the odds of others seeing your promotions. Make sure each post/email is unique (or at least, slightly updated from the previous message). 

If you’re using Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, make your post stand out by including a new photo of the person you’re honoring or celebrating each time you share. Remember to add a link to your fundraising page so others can easily donate, register for your team, get event details, and learn more about the mission you’re supporting.

Pro Tip: If you communicate best through texting, keep it short, simple, and personalize it. The goal is to start a conversation. Here’s an example:

“Hi, Gabby. I’d like to tell you about a fun event I’m putting on. ”

“What event?”

“I’m holding a fundraiser to celebrate my sister’s recovery and would love for you to attend.”

“Tell me more!”

4. Leverage your team

Power Fundraising - Team - Foosball

Encourage your team members to promote your event within their own network. Their outreach will have the biggest impact if they share their inspiration for participating. 

Pro Tip: Offer an award to the team member who recruits the most attendees. Your award doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive—it could be something as simple as recognizing them through social media and giving them a gift card. 

5. Enlist your sponsor(s)

If you have an event sponsor(s), make it easy for them to spread the word by supplying pre-written emails, social posts, or print materials (i.e., flyers or posters) that they can display in their place of business. 

Note: Stay tuned for Shatterproof event flyer/poster templates in the near future.

6. Ask your employer

Request to speak at your next all-team meeting or for permission to distribute flyers or emails to your co-workers and colleagues. Often, your strongest advocates are sitting just a few feet away.


Getting the word out about your fundraiser should be fun, creative, and take as little as a few hours each week. 

Go for it and the results will follow.

Amplify Your Outreach!

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