Treatment works for addiction—but only when you get can it. The lack of access to evidence-based treatment is fueling America’s opioid epidemic.

Our Task Force of top addiction experts takes a business approach to tackling this problem. Uniting payers and providers around a science-based system that’s proven to actually work, our Task Force will create a national standard of care for addiction—something our country desperately needs, now more than ever. 

About the Task Force
Read about its mission, its approach, and its committee members. Learn more.

The Shatterproof National Principles of Care©
The Task Force’s first benchmark: 8 essential criteria for treatment, all backed by decades of research. Learn more.

Payer-Based Strategies Initiative
Working with health insurers to make effective addiction treatment more accessible to every American who needs it. Learn more.

Rating System for Addiction Treatment Programs
This first-of-its-kind system will cut through the confusion for families, delivering trustworthy, standardized information—while also driving improvement among treatment providers themselves. Learn more.